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Last felt earthquake

Last felt earthquake (2019.04.19):

A felt earthquake of local magnitude 4.3 occurred on 19 April 2019 at 10:56 local time (8:56 UTC) in the Bukavu-Kavumu region.

Event Location

These results were obtained using KivuSnet seismic data (Oth el al., 2016). The location shown here was obtained through automatic processing.

– Oth et al.  (2016), KivuSNet: The First Dense Broadband Seismic Network for the Kivu Rift Region (Western Branch of East African Rift), Seismological Research Letters, doi:10.1785/0220160147/-/DC1

Want to help us ?

Want to help us?
Send us your pictures.

You went there or plan to go there ?
Your pictures from the Nyiragongo lava lake are also of scientific interest.

Night and day views, close up of the lava lake or the whole crater: what ever you have could help us if provided with an accurate date (and time if possible).

Please send us you JPG by e-mail (not zipped) at

That would be fantastic, thanks a lot !

Aim of the News page

Posts provided in the News page give you information about the current eruptive activity in the Virunga, recent scientific publications, news about field expeditions, photos, videos, etc.

To start with a first post, here is a beautiful photo of Nyiragongo (on the right) and Nyamulagira (on the left) taken by Nicolas d’Oreye, during a field mission in May 2015.


Photo (c) N. d'Oreye, May 2015
Photo (c) N. d’Oreye, May 2015