Recent scientific publications by
the BeLux scientific consortium

The list also includes publications that are related to methods developped for or applied to the Virunga volcanoes


  1. Barrière J., d’Oreye N., Oth A., Geirsson H., Mashagiro N., Johnson J.B., Smets B., Samsonov S., Kervyn F.
    Single-station seismo-acoustic monitoring of Nyiragongo’s lava lake activity (D.R. Congo).
    Volcanology Specialty of Frontiers in Earth Science, “Towards Improved Forecasting of Volcanic Eruptions”,
    Front. Earth Sci., 19 June 2018 |
    [LINK] Open Access
  2. Nobile A., Dille A., Monsieurs E., Basimike J., Mugaruka T.B., d’Oreye N., Kervyn F., Dewitte O.
    Multi-temporal DInSAR to characterise landslide ground deformations in a tropical urban environment: focus on Bukavu (DR Congo).
    Remote sensing, 10(4), 626; Special issue “Radar Interferometry for Geohazards”
    DOI: 10.3390/rs10040626
    [LINK] Open Access


    1. Libert L., Derauw D., d’Oreye N., Barbier C., Orban A.
      Split-Band Interferometry-Assisted Phase Unwrapping for the Phase Ambiguities Correction.
      Remote Sensing 9(9), 879; Special Issue “Advances in SAR: Sensors, Methodologies, and Applications”
      DOI: 10.3390/rs9090879
      [LINK] Open Access
    2. Barrière J., Oth A., Theys N., d’Oreye N., Kervyn F.
      Long-term monitoring of long-period seismicity and space-based SO2 observations at African lava lake volcanoes Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira (DR Congo).
      Geophysical Research Letters, 44(12), 6020-6029
      DOI: 10.1002/2017GL073348
      [LINK] Open Access
    3. Samsonov S., d’Oreye N.
      Multidimensional Small Baseline Subset (MSBAS) for two-dimensional deformation analysis. Case study Mexico City.
      Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 43(4), 318-329
      DOI: 10.1080/07038992.2017.1344926
      [LINK] 50 free e-prints available here
    4. Samsonov S., Feng W. , Peltier A., Geirsson H., d’Oreye N., Tiampo K. F.
      Multidimensional Small Baseline Subset (MSBAS) for volcano monitoring in two dimensions: opportunities and challenges. Case study Piton de la Fournaise volcano.
      Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 344, 121-138 [LINK]
    5. Kervyn F., d’Oreye N.
      Editorial JAES AVCOR-Special Issue.
      Journal of African Earth Sciences 134, 806-808
      DOI: 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2017.08.015
    6. Geirsson H., d’Oreye N., Mashagiro N., Syauswa M., Celli G., Kadufu B., Smets B., Kervyn F.
      Volcano-tectonic deformation in the Kivu Region, Central Africa: Results from six years of continuous GNSS observations of the Kivu Geodetic Network (KivuGNet).
      Journal of African Earth Sciences 134, 809-823
      DOI: 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2016.12.013
    7. Ji K.H., Stamps D.S., Geirsson H., Mashagiro N., Syauswa M., Subira J., d’Oreye N.
      Deep Magma Accumulation at Nyamulagira Volcano in 2011 Detected by GNSS Observations.
      Journal of African Earth Sciences 134, 824-830
      DOI: 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2016.06.006
    8. Delvaux D., Mulumba J.L., Sebagenzi M.N.S., Bondo S.F., Kervyn F., Havenith H.B.
      Seismic hazard assessment of the Kivu rift segment based on a new seismotectonic zonation model (western branch, East African Rift system).
      Journal of African Earth Sciences 134, 831-855
      DOI: 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2016.10.004
    9. Smets B., d’Oreye N., Kervyn M., Kervyn F.
      Gas piston activity of the Nyiragongo lava lake: First insights from a Stereographic Time-Lapse Camera system.
      Journal of African Earth Sciences 134, 874-887
      DOI: 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2016.04.010
    10. Barette F., Poppe S., Smets B., Benbakkar M., Kervyn M.
      Spatial variation of volcanic rock geochemistry in the Virunga Volcanic Province: Statistical analysis of an integrated database.
      Journal of African Earth Sciences 134, 888-903
      DOI: 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2016.09.018
    11. Jacobs L., Dewitte O., Poesen J., Maes J., Mertens K., Sekajugo J., Kervyn M.
      Landslide characteristics and spatial distribution in the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda.
      Journal of African Earth Sciences 134, 817-930
      DOI: 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2016.05.013


  1. Oth A., Barrière J., d’Oreye N., Mavonga G., Subira J., Mashagiro N., Kadufu B., Fiama S., Celli G., Birigande J.d.D., Ntenge A.J., Habonimana L., Bakundukize C., Kervyn F.
    KivuSNet: The First Dense Broadband Seismic Network for the Kivu Rift Region (Western Branch of East African Rift).
    Seismological Research Letters 88(1), 49-60
    DOI: 10.1785/0220160147
  2. Smets B., Delvaux D., Ross K.A., Poppe S., Kervyn M., d’Oreye N., Kervyn F.
    The role of inherited crustal structures and magmatism in the development of rift segments: Insights from the Kivu basin, western branch of the East African Rift.
    Tectonophysics 683, 62-76
    DOI: 10.1016/j.tecto.2016.06.022
  3. Poppe S., Smets B., Fontijn K., Rukeza M.B., Migabo A.M.F., Milungu A.K., Namogo D.B., Kervyn F., Kervyn M.
    Holocene phreatomagmatic eruptions alongside the densely populated northern shoreline of Lake Kivu, East African Rift: timing and hazard implications.
    Bulletin of Volcanology 78, 82
    DOI: 10.1007/s00445-016-1074-8


  1. Wauthier C., Cayol V., Smets B., d’Oreye N., Kervyn F.
    Magma Pathways and Their Interactions Inferred from InSAR and Stress Modeling at Nyamulagira Volcano
    Remote Sensing, 2015, 7, 15179-15202; doi:10.3390/rs71115179
  2. Syavulisembo A, Havenith H.-B., Smets B., d’Oreye N., Marti J.
    Preliminary assessment for the use of VORIS as a tool for rapid lava flow simulation at Goma Volcano Observatory, Democratic Republic of Congo
    Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 15, 2391–2400, 2015
  3. Smets B., Kervyn M., d’Oreye N., Kervyn F.
    Spatio-temporal dynamics of eruptions in a youthful extensional setting: Insights from Nyamulagira Volcano (D.R. Congo), in the western branch of the East African Rift
    J. Earth Science Review, 150, 305-328, 2015
  4. Albino F., Smets B., d’Oreye N., Kervyn F.
    High-resolution TanDEM-X DEM : an accurate method to estimate lava flow volumes at Nyamulagira volcano (D.R. Congo)
    J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth, 120, 4189 – 4207, 2015
  5. De Rauw D., Kervyn F., d’Oreye N. , Smets B., Albino F.,Barbier C.
    Split-Band Interferometric SAR Processing Using TanDEM-X Data.
    Proc. of the 9th ESA FRINGE2015 workshop, ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, March 23-27 2015, ESA SP-731
  6. Wauthier C., Smets B., Keir D.
    Diking-induced moderate-magnitude earthquakes on a youthful rift border fault: The 2002 Nyiragongo-Kalehe sequence, D.R. Congo.
    Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 16(12), 4280-4291
    DOI: 10.1002/2015GC006110


  1. Smets B., d’Oreye N. ,and Kervyn F.
    Toward Another Lava Lake in the Virunga Volcanic Field?.
    Eos Trans. AGU, Vol 95, No 42, pp377-378, 21 October 2014
  2. Samsonov S., d’Oreye N. ,and Smets B.
    Natural and anthropogenic ground deformation monitored using high spatio-temporal resolution MSBAS time series method
    IEEE Proc. MultiTemp 2013: 7th International Workshop on the Analysis of Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Images, pp.1,3, 25-27 June 2013
    doi: 10.1109/Multi-Temp.2013.6866021
  3. Tiampo K.F., Samsonov S., González, P.J., N. d’Oreye, N., Fernández J. and Camacho, A.
    Advanced DINSAR time series analysis of natural and anthropogenic hazards.
    Proceedings of the IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2014
  4. Smets B., d’Oreye N. , Kervyn F., Kervyn M., Albino F., Arellano S., Bagalawa M., Balagizi C., Carn S., Darrah T., Fernandez J., Galle B., Gonzalez P.J., Head E., Karume K., Kavotha D., Lukaya F., Mashagiro N., Mavonga G., Norman P., Osodundu E., Pallero J.L., Prieto J., Samsonov S., Syauswa M., Tedesco D., Tiampo K., Wauthier C., Yalire M.
    Detailed multidisciplinary monitoring reveals pre- and co-eruptive signals at Nyamulagira volcano (North Kivu, D.R.C.)
    Bull. of Volc., 76:787, 2014, DOI 10.1007/s00445-013-0787-1


  1. Wauthier C., V. Cayol, M. Poland, F. Kervyn, d’Oreye N., A. Hooper, S. Samsonov, K. Tiampo and B. Smets
    Nyamulagira’s Magma Plumbing System Revealed by 15 Years of InSAR
    In “Remote Sensing of Volcanoes and Volcanic Processes: Integrating Observation and Modelling”. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 380, Pyle, D. M., Mather, T. A. & Biggs, J. (eds), (c) The Geological Society of London, 2013


  1. Samsonov S. and N. d’Oreye
    Multidimensional time series analysis of ground deformation from multiple InSAR data sets applied to Virunga Volcanic Province
    Geophysical Journal International, vol. 191, Iss. 3, 1095-1108, 2012
  2. Wauthier C. , V. Cayol, F. Kervyn and N. d’Oreye
    Magma sources involved in the 2002 Nyiragongo eruption, as inferred from an InSAR analysis
    J. Geophys. Res., Vol. 117, B05411, 20 PP., doi:10.1029/2011JB008257, 2012


  1. d’Oreye N., Gonzalez P., Shuler A., Oth A., Bagalwa M., Ekström G., Kavotha D., Kervyn F., Lucas C., Lukaya F., Osodundu E., Wauthier C., Fernandez J.
    Source parameters of the 2008 Bukavu-Cyangugu earthquake estimated from InSAR and teleseismic data.
    Geophysical Journal International, vol. 184, Iss. 2, 934-948, 2011


  1. Smets B., Wauthier C., d’Oreye N.
    A new map of the lava flow field of Nyamulagira (D.R.Congo) from satellite imagery
    Journal of African Earth Sciences, vol. 58; Iss. 5, 778-786, 2010, doi:10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2010.07.005
  2. Heleno S., Frischknecht C., d’Oreye N., Lima N., Faria B., Wall R., Kervyn F.
    Seasonal Tropospheric Influence on SAR Interferograms near the ITCZ – the case of Fogo Volcano and Mount Cameroon
    Journal of African Earth Sciences, vol. 58; Iss. 5, 833-856, 2010, doi:10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2009.07.013
  3. d’Oreye N., G. Celli
    Automatic InSAR systematic processing and web based tool for efficient data mining: application to volcano monitoring in Africa.
    Cahier du Centre Européen de Géodynamique et de Séismologie, vol.29, 23-32, 2010
    Also available in ESA Special Publications SP-677 on CD-ROM.
  4. C. Frischknecht, d’Oreye N., F. Kervyn
    Challenges of SAR interferometry on Mount Cameroon
    Cahier du Centre Européen de Géodynamique et de Séismologie, vol.29, 33-42, 2010
  5. A.-C. van Overbeke, M. Bagalwa, J. Durieux, D. Kavotha, F. Kervyn, A. Kies, F. Lukaya, P. Mitangala, d’Oreye N., E. Osodundu, B. Smets, D. Tedesco, C. Wauthier, M. Yalire
    Monitoring of volcanic activity in the Goma region (N-Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo) and mitigation of related risks by both spaceborne and ground-based techniques: experience of the GORISK project.
    Cahier du Centre Européen de Géodynamique et de Séismologie, vol.29, 89-96, 2010
  6. C. Wauthier, V. Cayol, F. Kervyn, d’Oreye N.
    Modeling of InSAR displacements related with the January 2002 eruption of Nyiragongo volcano
    Cahier du Centre Européen de Géodynamique et de Séismologie, vol.29, 115-128, 2010


  1. d’Oreye N., Kervyn F., Calais E., Cayol V., Fernández J., Frischknecht C., Gonzales P., Heleno S., Oyen A., Wauthier C. (2008)
    Systematic InSAR Monitoring of African Active Volcanic Zones: What we have learned in three years, or a harvest beyond our expectations.
    Proc. Second workshop on USE of Remote Sensing Techniques for Monitoring Volcanoes and Seismogenic Areas (USEReST 2008), Naples, Italy, November 11-14, 2008, 1-4244-2547-1/08/$20.00 ©2008 IEEE, pp57-62