AVCoR Conferences

In order to share results from scientific research in the East African Rift, the BeLux consortium launched, in 2007, the “Active Volcanism and Continental Rifting” (AVCoR) conferences, wich aims to gather together African and other international scientists from different disciplines (geology, geography, volcanology, geodesy, geodynamics, seismology, etc.) to share their knowledge and discuss the complex relationships between continental rifting and magmatism, as well as the potential impact on societies.


The first edition of the AVCoR conference, in November 2007, was organized in Luxembourg, by the European Center for Geodynamics and Seismology (Luxembourg) and the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Belgium). The second edition, AVCoR 2013, was organized in Gisenyi (Rwanda). A third edition of the AVCoR conference is in preparation.

AVCoR Documentation